My name is Srikanth Jandhyala (friends address me as jandy). I am a software engineer living in Bay Area. I like and do travel, photography. I work at a Bio Tech company (Life Technologies) building a post DNA sequencing software. I enjoy building and putting to use web technologies.

Besides wearing a programmer hat, currently I fill my days between constant online presence, traveling and visiting a new country every long weekend, photography, and volunteering at a non-profit organization (AID)

This site serves as a aggregation of my online profile. The sidebar links give more detailed information about me.

I created this site after delaying 4 months after my participation in a sitesprint to create a personal site. I went the simple route of using wordpress and a free theme. The site is hosted on linode, an amazing hosting service, besides slicehost another good one I have been using in the past introduced to me by ex-colleague.